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Getting Diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency is scary, but you're never alone with AIU


Receiving the diagnosis that you or a loved one has Adrenal Insufficiency can be scary and lonely. AIU is here to say that you are not alone. We’ve all stood where you are today and want to help.

We are a group of affected adults and parents of those with AI. We saw a need for a group open to all with Adrenal Insufficiency and started AIU in November of 2011.  On our website you’ll find information about adrenal insufficiency, blogs, free materials you can download & print, links to support groups and other organizations you may find helpful, and more.



Be sure to visit our Emergency Instructions page to learn what to do and how to prepare yourself in case of an adrenal crisis.

Experts at Children’s of Alabama provide information on Cortisol: what it is and how to help your child when there is a deficiency. Learn all about it in this 12-min video.

Tips to get you started

Ask your doctor

Don’t be afraid to ask ask ask. It can be hard to understand all there is to know about Adrenal Insufficiency. While AIU is here to help we are not physicians. Always check with your doctor before changing anything about your or your child’s treatment.  

Be prepared

To get started, ensure you have your Solu-Cortef and Act-o-Vial Prescription

Solu-Cortef® in the act-o-vial


Make sure you’ve been instructed on stress dosing and how to handle emergencies.
Ask for training on how to inject Solu-Cortef® and get a prescription filled for it. It’s best to have more than one vial on hand. Keep one at work, at school, with each parent, etc.                                                                

Purchase an Adrenal Insufficiency Emergency Kit from our store

Get your Emergency Kit.

This youtube video will help learn how to give the injection. 

Visit our research library to get your free downloads.





Reach out

There is no need to feel alone in this journey you have just begun. We all have so much to learn and give to each other. Although we are sorry for the circumstance that brought you to this place we want to welcome you to our AI Family.  We hope that you will join some of our support groups.  Our main support groups is Adrenal Insufficiency Support  Please feel free to send us a message or contact us on our Facebook page or email us at


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We have a problem.

250,000 Americans are diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency. 6,000,000 more are considered to be adrenal insufficient yet remain undiagnosed.

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    Help us honor the lives lost to adrenal insufficiency.
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  • What Constitutes an Emergency
    What Constitutes an Emergency
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    by Sarah Reilley   Read more from her blog @ Spoons and Adrenals As we all know, adrenal crisis is a life or death situation.  Without immediate, proper care, there’s a very small window to correct the crisis before coma, brain damage, and death occur.  Not every emergency...
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