Adrenal Insufficiency United

Adrenal Insufficiency requires steroid medications.

Adrenal Insufficiency can be caused by several different conditions and is most often diagnosed by an endocrinologist. 

Supplements, herbs and or diets WILL NOT CURE adrenal insufficiency. While changes in your lifestyle can make you feel better it will not cure you so be sure to speak to your physician. 


Hydrocortisone comes in several forms and is the most commonly prescribed steroid…especially for children. 

Hydrocortisone lasts on average 6 hours in the body. Some metabolize faster some slower so taking this 2-6 times per day is common in our members. 

It is the bio-equivalent of cortisol and can be used to mimic the circadian rhythm of your body. 

In pill form the smallest dose available is 5 mg. Since cutting pills can be very hard for parents of young children many of our members with young children use Alkindi Sprinkles

Solu-Cortef is hydrocortisone in an injectable. This is normally used as the emergency injection, but is also used in the pump or for daily injections for those unable to metabolize hydrocortisone in the pill form. 

Professor Peter Hindmarsh has a comprehensive leaflet about hydrocortisones


Fludrocortisone is used for adrenal insufficient patients who are also lacking the ability to produce aldosterone. “Salt Wasting” is a term used to describe those who need this medication. 

See Professor Hindmarsh’s leaflet for more in depth information.


Prednisone lasts longer and is usually taken twice per day. 

There is a time release form of prednisone called Rayos 


Prednisolone is similar to prednisone and seems to be a bit more common in the UK than the USA. 


The strongest steroid, dexamethasone is usually taken once per day.  

Many adults in our groups also use this in an injection as their emergency medication. 


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