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Who We Are

First and Foremost we are you!

The majority of our governing body is, and will always be, comprised of those affected by adrenal insufficiency. We pledge to never loose site of why this group was started. Our supporting members, (that’s you), have spread throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, England, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and more!  We are getting stronger every day, change is happening, and we are no longer alone.  Physicians, EMS personnel, nurses, ER physicians, elected officials, journalists, and others in our communities are standing with us in greater numbers every day.  We’ve learned what to ask for, how to ask for it and who to ask it from.

Change is happening and we hope you’ll be a part of it!

Executive Director

Jennifer Knapp, one of the founders, of AIU has a daughter with adrenal insufficiency.  She is a former business owner and special education teacher who brings her passion for helping others and commitment to creating positive change for those with AI.  Together with Kirsten Norgaard Jennifer worked to pass new laws in Oregon which are helping those with adrenal insufficiency.

Board of Directors

Kirsten Norgaard another founder has a son with adrenal insufficiency.  She is tenacious and unrelenting in her fight to create protocols for not only her son, but for all with adrenal insufficiency.  Kirsten was able to get protocols enacted in her county and at her local hospital providing a model for others who wish to do the same.

Paula Kirby Rivas is mother to a child with adrenal insufficiency. She has helped pass legislation to improve the care of those with adrenal insufficiency.

Maria Stewart has always had an adventurous spirit. Her background includes being one of the first female concrete truck drivers in Bellingham Washington, traveling in Mexico, Canada, and the US, and a few years living in Australia. When Maria moved to the Central Plains she started the first organic Community Supported Agriculture farm in the area. Her sixteen-year journey with adrenal insufficiency has developed a passion for helping patients receive proper care. She brings her skills for organization and her love of community to the team and is excited to be a part of an organization working for change.

Gail McArthur is a Canadian with deep roots in the U.S., including descent from a Salem “witch”! She is a retired educator who worked in the public school system near Vancouver, BC, as well as in teacher education and educational research. Retirement brought adventures with her late husband, daughter and granddaughters. But soon after losing her husband and mother Gail developed a mysterious ailment – eventually diagnosed as SAI. Searching the internet for support and information, Gail soon “met”, online, Maria Stewart and the other principals of Adrenal Insufficiency Coalition and AIU; she is thrilled to finally meet Maria and the other AIU Board members in person!

Monica Unseld has secondary adrenal insufficiency, likely from exposure to asthma medications as a child. She also has years of experience in the nonprofit world. She has degrees in both biology and public health. She passionate about helping others and hopes to get a state protocol for the state of KY.

The Stewardship Council elects board members and helps keep AIU’s mission the priority.

Stephanie Ash, Tracy Boetel, Sandy Alprin, Jill Lester Crowley, Jennifer Knapp


All our Volunteers, we can’t do it without you!

AIU welcomes volunteers and provides all the resources and help you need to help make a difference in your communities. Contact to find out about volunteer opportunities.

We have a problem.

250,000 Americans are diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency. 6,000,000 more are considered to be adrenal insufficient yet remain undiagnosed.

Recent News and Events

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    Help us honor the lives lost to adrenal insufficiency.
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    Help us honor the lives lost to adrenal insufficiency.   Michael David Bohling, known as “Mike” to his family and friends, went to be with the lord on Friday, July 7, 2017.  Mike was born on June 1, 1991 in Phoenix, AZ and lived in Weatherford, TX...
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  • What Constitutes an Emergency
    What Constitutes an Emergency
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    by Sarah Reilley   Read more from her blog @ Spoons and Adrenals As we all know, adrenal crisis is a life or death situation.  Without immediate, proper care, there’s a very small window to correct the crisis before coma, brain damage, and death occur.  Not every emergency...
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