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Would You Move?

Would You Move?

Stephanie_MarshTwo years ago, I passed out during adrenal crisis. When I did, I was visiting my then long distance boyfriend on the opposite side of the state, the less populated side. We did figure out at that time that my living with him as we’d planned was not going to be safe. It took an hour, due to snow and ice in the foothills of the North Cascades Mountains, from the 911 call to get the medics to the house. Luckily, Tom, “my” paramedic who is an advanced paramedic, was on call. Tom knows all about AI/AD.

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, I had a huge life change due to my experience. In Seattle and Bellingham, I had been to the hospitals in crisis about seven times over a three year period with reactions from “I don’t believe you” to “You are being admitted” to (friend telling me) “The doctor and nurses are googling Addison’s on the computer!” to “SHE’S JUST HERE FOR ATTENTION! GET HER OUT OF HERE!”

When I was taken to the hospital nearer my boyfriend’s, during that momentous event, it’s in a town of about 2,000. They knew all about AI/AD. They treated me appropriately. They didn’t call me a liar or imply I was lying. They believed me. The regular PCP who took on my care when I was there was fabulous in getting back to me with answers to questions and even gave me her cell and house phone numbers in case the nurses didn’t get to her with concerns or questions.

My reaction? MOVE. I got on a waiting list for an apartment. I began packing slowly. I began letting my medical team know about the move.

So, Tom, he’s my regular medic now. That little hospital? It’s my regular hospital now. I’ve seen them all three times since moving here eight months ago. I got the same fabulous treatment. Tom has been on every call with me. He remembered me from the fall two years ago when I had a Lisfranc Fracture in one foot from the fall and the impetus of the crisis was an asymptomatic UTI. I didn’t remember him, I openly admit. I was in too bad of shape to do so. I know him now though since I know I can call 911 before I’m in full blown crisis and almost lethargic and incoherent unlike before. The medics take it seriously and move their bus to get me taken care of, unlike the west side of the state!

That doctor? I don’t have her, but I have one equally as good. I have nine specialists due to different things wrong with me. Only one is not up on AI/AD, but she shares an office with my new endocrinologist who nailed me on my first visit with her amazingly enough. No one, including me, is overly concerned about how often I see her since everyone is in the ball game. They all actually read the notes from the other doctors before walking into the room to talk to me. They all actually communicate. It’s like medical heaven over here.

I won’t bore you with all the details of my move. However, it was horrible trying to get it done. I’m still unpacking. I have in home health care twice a week now. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be unpacking. It would all just be sitting there. I couldn’t get this assistance before I moved. I had it here within a month or so even though I was ineligible for it before my move.

So, today, the question I pose to you is whether you would be willing to pull up roots and move to get the difference in quality of medical care and quality of life that I have. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I highly recommend it if you are in a position to need to. After all, I gained a very cute medic named Tom, a fabulous PCP who looks great leaving the room, along with some other perks. My life isn’t what I envisioned it would be two years ago, but it’s the best it can be given all the circumstances. I live four miles away from my boyfriend to boot and my apartment is less then five safe miles from my EMTs.

Go for the best! If you have to stay where you are, don’t give up the fight! Either way, YOU (or your child) is worth it!!!

Stephanie Marsh

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