Support for Those Living with Adrenal Insufficiency

Volunteers Needed!

VolunteerHave you been wondering how you can get involved and make a difference in your life and or the lives of those you love? We need volunteers!

Adrenal Insufficiency United has Consolidated with the Adrenal Insufficiency Coalition and together we are working to develop committees to work on specific projects. Take a look and then contact us so we can help you plug into a committee or project of interest. Projects for each committee are indicated by bullet points

If you have talents in graphic design, drawing etc. some of our projects need some artistic support. If you can help on an occasional basis please let us know. 

Protocol Committee: Responsible for developing/helping members enact protocols in their areas.

  • EMS/ER
  • Schools
  • ORDER data base project
  • No more Adrenal Deaths, NoMad Initiative
  • Health Provider Conferences (Help with planning to get representation at conferences.)

Member Education and Support: Responsible for providing educational resources and support to our members.

  • Adrenal Suppression
  • New patient guide
  • Senior issues / Living alone
  • Registry and Surveys
  • Video support groups
  • Educational Conferences and or Webinars (local, regional, national)
  • Local Member Events

Funding Committee: Responsible for raising funds for AIU.

  • Grant Research and Development
  • Fundraising
  • Business Sponsorship
  • Affiliate Marketing

PR Committee:  Responsible for reaching out to inform and educate both those with AI and the general public about AIU/AIC, adrenal insufficiency and the work we are doing. Including legislators, newspaper reporters, TV etc.

  • Media Guidelines (creation of talking points and PR kit for members)
  • Social Media Management Team  Maintain our presence on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms
  • FB pages  Main page, State, and Country pages

Questions & Answers

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Use our contact form or send an email to

Q: What is the difference between a committee and a project?

A: Committees are broad categories with several projects. The leaders of those projects will serve on the committee. Projects are specific to short/long term goals.

Q: Who is leading the committees and projects?

A: Many will be lead by AIU or AIC board members and leaders. However, we are still filling the leadership roles so if you have time and expertise to lead please let us know.

Q: What’s the time commitment?

A: That depends on the committee or project you choose. Some projects such as the new patient guide will end once it’s completed. Others such as Health Provider Conferences are ongoing so ideally we’d like members who are interested in a longer commitment.

Q: Can I be on more than one committee or work on more than one project?

A: Absolutely, if you have the time, we’d love to have you.

Q: How often will the committees meet?

A: Committees will meet once per month via video conference.

Q: How often will the project team meet?

A: Each project leader will determine how often they need to meet. Emails and other forms of communication will be utilized as well. We will be asking project leaders to provide an outline of expectations for those on their team.  The outlines will be provided before you are asked to make a commitment.

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