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Adrenal Insufficiency is treated with steroids.  Any supplements or special diets should be used under the supervision of a physician familiar with adrenal insufficiency.  The groups listed below are not appropriate for those forgoing steroid treatment for AI.  If you have a group you’d like to suggest we add please contact us

 Facebook Groups Run by AIU
  • Adrenal Insufficiency Support   This group is open to anyone who has been diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency or anyone still seeking a diagnosis.  Parents of children, friends and family members are welcome in this group.
  • Spouses, Partners and Caregivers of adults with AI  A group for those who DO NOT have adrenal insufficiency, but who live with or support an adult family member with the condition.  This is not a group for parents of young children.
  • Dogs for Adrenal Insufficiency   This group is for those interested in networking and sharing information about cortisol detecting service dogs.
Facebook Groups Run by individuals or other organizations:  The conditions below can or do cause adrenal insufficiency.
  • Addison’s Disease Support Group Offers information and support for those who are symptomatic, being tested for, or who are diagnosed with Addison’s disease or other forms of adrenal insufficiency.
  • Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia   Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) is a family of inherited disorders affecting the adrenal glands.
  • Cushings Disease  A safe place for people to gather, share, care, empathize, encourage and commiserate about their journey with Cushing’s Disease.
  • Crainopharyngioma Group  A group of patients and survivors of a craniopharyngioma brain tumor. Offering support and encouragement to all ages and ethnicities.
  • To join a group for women with CAH contact
  • Parental Support for Adrenal Insufficient Children  This group is open to parents or guardians of children diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency.
  • Hypopituitary Support Group This group is to bring all of these people together into one place as a community, and share/support each other to the best of our abilities. All people are welcome to join our group, and learn about our condition. Family, friends and people interested in learning more or wanting to give support to their “Hypopit” loved ones are encouraged to join also.
Face to Face Support Groups
  • The NADF has several groups around the USA who have face:face support groups. Keep up with their calendar to see what’s going on in your area.
  • If you want to plan a get together in your area please contact us. NADF and AIU are happy to help you get started.

Contact us if you would like your organization’s website or a personal blog added. All we ask that you site Adrenal Insufficiency United as a resource on your website or blog as well.

Blogs by those affected by Adrenal Insufficiency or other rare disease.
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Clearly Alive: Living with Adrenal Insufficiency Blog

We have a problem.

250,000 Americans are diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency. 6,000,000 more are considered to be adrenal insufficient yet remain undiagnosed.

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