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Volunteers and fund raisers occupy a special place in our hearts at Adrenal Insufficiency United.  We’re all volunteers ourselves and understand the passion behind giving your time and skills to help others.

Adrenal Insufficiency United is a 501(c)(3) our tax ID number is 45-4624912.


Help with occasional behind the scenes office tasks or other volunteer work.

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AIU began as a grassroots group of patients and loved ones volunteering at fairs to raise awareness, meeting with reporters and attending EMS conferences. Since then, we’ve grown into a large network of people working together for the AI community. By raising funds for Adrenal Insufficiency United, you help fuel growth. Funds raised cover operating expenses, provide educational materials, and make collaboration possible.

Donate. A one-time donation is a simple and effective way to show your support and become a member. Our memberships start at $24 but we welcome donations of any size. Thank you for choosing Adrenal Insufficiency United as your charity!


Automatic giving and employer donation programs. Ask your employer if the company has a charitable giving program. These allow you to designate a regular amount for donation with each pay period. Some employers will match your donations.

Social media fund raising. Facebook will walk you through the steps to create a fund raiser for your favorite cause. Donations can be made securely through PayPal.

Fund raising events. Adrenal Insufficiency United is a registered non-profit, 501(c)(3). Our tax ID number is 45-4624912. Our policy ensures that those who fund raise for us have a voice in how the funds are used, with a portion dedicated to the community of the organizer. AIU is ready to support your fund-raising event! Please register your fund raising idea and we’ll be in contact with you.

Have fun with friends and family.

  • A giving tree
  • Bingo night
  • Chili (or other food) cook-off
  • Restaurant charity night (a percentage of the proceeds are donated)
  • A benefit with silent auction and raffle

Team up with local athletes.

  • A walking event, such as Walk to End Alzheimer’s or March for Babies.
  • 5k fun run
  • Color run/paint ball event
  • Golf/miniature golf tournament
  • Softball tournament

Do you own your own business? Become a sponsor and receive a listing on our “Shop” page. Take a look here!

Need to get your files organized? Use this link to sign up for a free Airtable Account and AIU will receive a $10 credit towards our Pro Account.

Shop online Shopping at stores who give a portion of their sales to charities is an easy way to contribute. When you choose Adrenal Insufficiency United as your charity a portion of your purchase is donated back to AIU. Here’s a few shops who participate.

Amazon Smile  gives .05% of your purchases to AIU.  You may use your existing account to sign up for Amazon Smile and will have access to the same products on Amazon.  Learn more here.

iGive  3% on average donated back to AIU.

good search   % of donation varies by store or restaurant.

Humble Store  Get games for your PC with digital downloads. Select a new charity and type in adrenal…you’ll see our logo.  Chose us and 10% of your purchase will come back to AIU.

Charity Miles join team AIunited and earn money for charity. AIU is not on the list yet, but the bigger our team grows the better our chance to be added. Besides, it’s a great way to be motivated and moving!

VEBO Value Experiences Before Objects  This unique wedding registry lets couples register for experiences! AIU will receive 5% when a couple chooses us as their cause.

How your funds help AIU:

  • Website development and ongoing managementWilliam
  • Toll free telephone number
  • Maintaining our AIU store
  • Fees for EMS conferences or community events
  • Assist members in their AI awareness events by providing handouts and paying booth fees
  • Stipends to cover cost for representatives of AIU to attend conferences and community events.  Stipends would be used for gas, lodging and meals and be awarded on an individual basis.
  • Providing free materials to EMS/ER directors, School Nurses, Endocrinologists, and other health care professionals
  • Developing products and written forms/documents for member use
  • Planning events

How we spend our  money.


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