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Adrenal insufficiency United is pleased to share the following training tools and resources for medical providers. We value you and hope you will find our resources helpful. The first section of this page is focused on training. The second section has physician resources and ways you can help make a difference for the AI community.

Our professional training videos will help you understand adrenal insufficiency (AI), recognize an adrenal crisis, and respond with the correct treatment. The sessions were recorded at our March 2018 conference in Kansas City Missouri.  

Thanks to our Sponsor!

Collective Medical Technologies,  based in Salt Lake City Utah, sponsored the production of these recordings. By unifying hospitals and care teams through real-time information alerts, patient context, and collaborative plans of care, Collective Medical Technology enables hospitals to help their highest-needs patients. Learn about EDIE for hospital emergency departments and case management.

 Thank you, Collective Medical Technologies, for sponsoring this important training tool!

These training sessions are presented and moderated by Kurt Midyett, MD. Dr. Midyett is a part of Overland Park Pediatric Specialty Group in Kansas City Missouri. He is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and specializes in pediatric endocrinology. Thank you Dr. Midyett for your excellent presentation!


Additional physician resources:
Help for Patients
  •  Contact us to request new patient kits. We can send up to 10 free patient kits per practice, we hope to fundraise in order to provide larger quantities.
  • Add yourself to our list of physicians who treat adrenal insufficiency. We often receive phone calls from our members looking for referrals. Use our AI Physicians form to add yourself and/or your practice to our list.
  • We have several support groups listed here and hope you will recommend AIU as a resource for your patients. In addition we are happy to send brochures to your office free of charge. Please include a mailing address, the name of your practice and your title in your email request. If you are not located within the USA we can send a pdf file you can download and print.
  • AIU has partnered with Backpack Health to provide an app for those with adrenal insufficiency. We welcome input from health care providers on ways to make the app helpful for both patients and physicians.
Help for AIU

Ways you can support our mission. AIU would love to discuss ways we can work together to help the AI community. Please contact us to schedule a phone call with an AIU representative.

  • Share this page! Please let us know if you have suggestions for our site.
  • Share our brochures. We have leaflets on adrenal insufficiency, adrenal crisis, adrenal suppression, and testing. We would be happy to supply a sample pack for your practice.
  • Add your name to our recommended physicians list.
  • Speak at our annual conference.
  • Join our physician advisory panel.
  • Review or help create educational material for AIU.
  • Support legislation in your state that will ensure school personnel can inject Solu-Cortef.®
  • Support standard emergency protocols for AI and rare disease patients.
  • Join our mailing list

Thank you for visiting this page. We hope to add to it as be obtain more information and resources. Any feedback is appreciated.

Adrenal Insufficiency United

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