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As the mom to a beautiful 21-year-old daughter with AI the work I do for AIU is out of my love for her and all of those I’ve met, both in person and online. The more I learn about AI and it’s impact on the people I love, the more resolute I am to continue what’s been started with the creation of AIU.

I hope you’ll continue reading and choose the option(s) to help that work best for you!

Jennifer Knapp: AIU Director

Some of our accomplishments over the past few years include:

  • Providing FB support groups for over 4,000 members
  • Developing and selling low cost products that assist with patient safety and awareness
  • Attending EMS conferences in order to promote protocols and training on adrenal crisis
  • Providing free training materials to schools and EMS agencies
  • Enacting emergency protocols in several states & cities
  • Helping to pass legislation in Oregon requiring K-12 schools to have a trained staff member on site who is able to administer Solu-Cortef®
  • Organizing and paying for speakers to present at the MAGIC Conference in the Summer of 2015
  • Consolidation with the Adrenal Insufficiency Coalition
  • Creating a patient registry for adrenal insufficiency
  • Working with Danny’s Dose and ORDER to ensure rare disease patients receive prompt and proper care in emergency situations
  • Becoming members of NORD (The National Organization of Rare Disorders)
  • Joining the Global Genes Foundation Alliance

Some of our goals for the future include:

  • Using the Oregon school bill as a model in order to pass similar legislation in other states
  • Seeking out and collaborating with other rare disease groups
  • Continuing our work with Danny’s Dose and ORDER until implemented in all states
  • Finding better ways to support and work with patients and patient groups in other countries
  • Increasing our AI patient registry by partnering with other patient groups serving the AI population
  • Assisting with research to gain better insight into adrenal insufficiency
  • Planning regional mini conferences and get togethers
  • Providing webinars to our members

How can we accomplish these goals? First of all we need a steady stream of revenue to maintain our forward momentum. A few large donations have kept us in the black each year, but we are at a turning point. There are so many ways you can help in this way and not all involve you spending any extra money!


  • Start a fundraiser
    • Our policy is to use a portion of the net proceeds to work on specific needs in the state or city from which the funds were raised. Fundraising efforts range from the simple to complex, we can help find something that fits for you.
    • Use the link above to start an online fundraiser for AIU.
    • You can also join our Pizza for Protocol fundraiser by linking to our FB event below.

Join our Pizza for Protocols event on FB.

  • Volunteer your skills and services to help us save time and money (read about some opportunities here)
  • Sign up for Amazon Smile and other shopping sites so a portion of your purchase comes back to AIU. Links to shopping on this page.
  • Help us find sponsors
    • Do you own a business or know someone who does? Take a look at the our flyer about sponsorship opportunities and consider sponsoring AIU.
  • Donate monthly or yearly and become a member/patron
    • AIU’s new Patreon account has options for monthly donations of $1 and YES $1 can help. If all 4,000 FB members gave $1 per month. Our yearly income would more than double.
    • Yearly memberships start at $10, learn more here.

* As a member (or patron) of AIU you’ll have an opportunity to join our members only FB group and get members only content through either our Patreon account or special members only emails. 

We strongly believe transparency is important and we will post updates on the website about our spending. Currently 85% of donations go right back into our programs, the rest (our general funds) pay our overhead costs such as our toll free number, annual legal fees, office expenses, website etc.


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