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Adrenal Insufficiency United is an organization of concerned family members, friends and affected adults. We are not a medical organization, and information contained in this website or on our Facebook Pages and/or groups is only intended to provide resources for those affected with Adrenal Insufficiency. No information on our website or Facebook pages is to be taken as medical advice or used to diagnose or treat adrenal insufficiency. Always consult with your physician before making any changes to your medical regimes. Links to other websites, doctors, and resources are done as a service to those seeking additional information and support. We do not endorse or recommend any specific organizations or doctors and are simply listing them as resources for individuals to research on their own. AIU is not responsible for the content of other publications or websites reached from our links.


Adrenal Insufficiency United (“AIU”) does not specifically endorse any of the organizations, individuals, articles, products, services, persons, or vendors (“Sponsors”) that may from time to time be listed in, or be attendees or presenters at, any of its publications, materials, websites, social media pages, conferences, events, or other platforms (“Publications”). We encourage you to carefully assess whether any Sponsor will meet the needs of your specific circumstances.
Inclusion of resources or a statement of sponsorship in any of AIU’s Publications does not constitute or imply an endorsement, guarantee, warranty, or recommendation by AIU. In addition, AIU makes no representations or warranties about any product or service contained therein. You understand that AIU does not operate or control the products or services offered by Sponsors. AIU is not a party to any transactions entered into between you and Sponsors.
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AIU reserves the right at any time to remove user-generated information from its Publications without communication with the author or organization. Views and opinions expressed by others in any AIU-sponsored Publications do not necessarily state or reflect those of AIU.
AIU does not make any warranty, express or implied, or assume any legal liability for accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information contained in any of its Publications.
The AIU shall not be liable for any claims, charges, demands, damages, liabilities, losses, or expenses of any nature, including without limitation any compensatory, incidental, direct, special, punitive, or consequential damages, loss of use, loss due to damage to property, claims of third parties, or other losses of any kind or character arising out of or in connection with the use of any of AIU’s Publications. You assume total responsibility for establishing such procedures for data back up and virus checking as you consider necessary.


AIU appreciates the support of those PHARMA companies who have funded our programs. We believe keeping communication open with drug development companies may one day lead to new and innovative treatments for adrenal insufficiency and the conditions which cause it.

Without funds from PHARMA our conferences and programs would not be possible. While some of these fund may be used to compensate speakers or conference staff, no funds accepted by PHARMA go to any AIU board members or its director.

AIU makes no claims to the effectiveness of any medications developed by PHARMA companies supporting our organization. We encourage you to research and discuss any new medications with your physician before adding or switching to something new.

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