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Did the Tears Pour Because My Cortisol was Low?

Did the Tears Pour Because My Cortisol was Low?

The tears had poured down for a couple of days before my last mini adrenal crisis. The down pour of tears should have been my warning signal. But, even after all these Sheehan Syndrome years my body can scream but my mind doesn’t always follow. 

I should have realized the layers of life had weakened my Sheehan Syndrome body. I had pushed the envelope and tried to have a couple days of my, “Pre Sheehan Syndrome” life.  My HypoGal body didn’t react well.  I was on a downward spiral but I wouldn’t pick up the cues.
Below is a list of some of the cues I should have realized:
  • I would upset so easily.
  • Nothing would make me happy, I was just sad.
  • I would wake up in the morning completely exhausted.
  • The area above my left kidney throbbed in pain.
  • I had more brain fog than usual.
  • I seem to mix up my words more frequently.
  • Talking just seemed to consume so much energy.
  • I was having frequent spasms in my back and neck. 
  • I needed to sit more frequently or the the dizzy spells would begin.
  • My stomach was nauseous.
  • My visits to the restroom became many.
  • I wasn’t hungry but I craved pickles and I began to down cans of Diet Coke (Diet Coke contains sodium)
  • And the tears would pour and pour….
It was a late Sunday morning at my oldest daughter’s volleyball tournament, when I first realized an adrenal crisis was on the approach. Thankfully, my mom was at the tournament and noted that I didn’t look well and told me that I should go home.
I agreed and my husband walked me to my car. Oh, my poor husband. He had known I was tired but he didn’t know I was having so many adrenal symptoms. My husband told me to increase my steroids. I told him I had just increased my dosage before leaving the tournament. And, before I could say anything else, the tears poured.
The tears poured from the darkness of my pity party. Once my pity party began my emotional flood gates swung open. My pity party seem to unleash some of my frustration, dark inner thoughts and the sorrow from having a rare chronic disease. I have no doubt that my pity party was triggered because my cortisol was too low. 
It has been several weeks since my mini crash. I am finally have begun to feel like my pre crash HypoGal self. I know I need to do a better job at listening to my body’s adrenal insufficiency warning signs. And, I know, I need to be more aware of my body when the tears continue to pour.
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