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Conference Recordings 2019

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AIU pump talk Dr. Midyett 

Stress Dosing AIU talk Dr. Midyett

Gillett – Emotional Health in Adults

Gillett – Recognizing Emotional Needs

Dianna Cannon – SSDI part 1

Cannon – SSI part 2

Escandon CAH Gene Therapy

Our 2018 Conference Recordings

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  • When Bloodwork isn't Just Bloodwork
    When Bloodwork isn’t Just Bloodwork
    January 28, 2019 by
    When Bloodwork isn’t Just Bloodwork Thank you to Amber for sharing this, visit her blog via the link above. Today, after one stick and lots of needle adjusting, a sweat and tear soaked 4 year old and her mama stepped out of the lab room and into a...
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  • What do you call a group of zebras?
    What do you call a group of zebras?
    December 28, 2018 by
    What do you call a group of zebras? No, I’m not joking—really, do you know what you call a group of zebras? I didn’t either until recently. Many of us are familiar with the use of the term “zebra” in the medical community to refer to an...
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