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Adrenal Insufficiency United is honored to work with Karista Rose Harris, the newly crowned, Ultimate Elite International Ambassador for 2018/2019!

Karista Rose was awarded her new crown after a successful year as the reigning Mrs. Ultimate Elite Arizona. Her platform, “Defying the odds,” defines her personal journey and inspires others to reach for their dreams, no matter what the challenge may be. Karista Rose is an adrenal insufficiency warrior with multiple conditions to manage.

Karista Rose writes:

This weekend I feel like the COMEBACK KID and proved that no matter what you are going through in life you can sometimes end up with something better than you thought you wanted.

Here’s my comeback story: Last year on pageant weekend I couldn’t compete because I was on a ventilator after slipping into a very rare myxedema coma and going into an adrenal crisis simultaneously. I coded from having zero thyroid hormone in my blood. I fought over the past year through literally blood, sweat, tears, and pain to serve my community and be the best representative for the Ultimate Elite Pageant System, while proving you can Defy the Odds. Look at me, I shouldn’t have survived the code blue much less another adrenal related coma a month later. But It’s a year later, and I physically made it to compete for the title of Mrs. International Ultimate Elite on Sunday so that in itself was a miracle.

The Ambassador title is Awarded to the Queen who has demonstrated a variety of skills during her reign. Holding this title requires many leadership roles.

The title is difficult to achieve because each Queen competes with her own division, as well as the other queens and contestants present that year. The winning Queen must excel in several categories. She must volunteer hours of community service, and make appearances and public speaking engagements. Show entrepreneurship and recruitment skills, and use social media to promote the Ultimate Elite mission; Empowering by inspiring. Karista Rose not only won the Ambassador crown, but was also voted the Audience Choice, Spirit of Pageantry, Social Media, Entrepreneur and Spokeswoman Awards.

You can follow Krista on Facebook.

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