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Sponsors affected by AI

The following Businesses are run by those affected by adrenal insufficiency. Each business helps by sponsoring AIU, some also donate a portion of sales back to help with our mission.

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AIU does not endorse or recommend any of the businesses below. AIU takes no responsibility for customer satisfaction or the quality of products/services purchased. If you are unhappy with your product/service AIU cannot help mediate, you must work with the individual. Please do your due diligence in researching any product or service you purchase.

There are NO PRODUCTS that can cure adrenal insufficiency.  Herbs, supplements, and diets should be used while under the care of a physician.

Amber Nicole: CLEARLY ALIVE ART: Currently, my main avenue is  my blog (Clearly Alive) and zazzle storefront. In the future, I shall expand my art into Etsy and hopefully be able to display/sell some of my husband’s woodworking Creations as well.

Home Based  * donates up to 40% shared with NADF and AIU  *  Ships Internationally through Zazzle  *  Link to Clearly Alive Art


Michelle Anne Foster: Rodan + Fields  Premium skincare products from the doctors who created Proactive

Home Based  *  MLM  *  email  *  Ships Internationally



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