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There are many ways you can participate in Adrenal Insufficiency United’s mission for change without leaving home. By joining our email list, becoming a member, or adding your experience to surveys and clinical trials, you can make a difference!

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We are always looking for more ways to achieve our goals. An increase in membership increases our ability to provide services.  Membership donations help cover costs for some of the items below. All members will receive access to the members only section of our website.

(Take a look at each donation level to see  examples of what your donation could cover.)

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  • Website development and ongoing management
  • Fees for EMS conferences or community events
  • Assist members in their AI awareness events by providing handouts and paying booth fees
  • Stipends to cover cost for representatives of AIU to attend conferences and community events.  Stipends would be used for gas, lodging and meals and be awarded on an individual basis.
  • Providing free materials to EMS/ER directors, School Nurses, Endocrinologists, and other health care professionals
  • Developing products and written forms/documents for member use
  • Planning events
Our membership levels listed below are suggestions, only you know what is best for you and your family. We have several options for how you can make your donation and any amount you are able to give is greatly appreciated!
  • Friends, Booster, or Leaders can donate yearly through out online webstore.
  • Boosters, Leaders, Champions, and MVPs many donate monthly with a credit card or PayPal account.
  • Members at all levels can join with donations by check. Send to AIU – PO Box 72407 – Springfield, OR – 97477
  • Donations of any amount may be sent by check to AIU – PO Box 72407 – Springfield, OR – 97477
  • Donate any amount through PayPal Giving

Please note…100% of donations made via check or PayPal Giving are given to AIU.  Recurring donations are done through PayPal which takes 2.9 percent of each donation + 30 cents. Although you may use a credit card for your monthly donations PayPal will still ask you to create an account. Currently this is our only platform for automatic monthly donations.

We are happy to receive your donation in the way that works best for YOU!

Friends     $24 per year

Boosters   $60 per year or $5 per month

Leaders     $120 per year or $10 per month

Champions    $360 per year or $30 per month

MVPs     $720 per year or $60 per month

Game Changers   Donations of more than $720 per year.

All AIU members receive a complimentary membership to Backpack Health’s PRO app. The Backpack Health App keeps all your medical information right on your smart phone so it’s available whenever you need it. Partnering with Backpack Health will allow the AI community to participate in surveys, receive educational materials and access supportive tools. Members of the group will play an active role in research that may lead to new treatments and a better life for all those affected.


Expenses 2015

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AIU takes in about 50,000 per year which qualifies us as a small nonprofit.  However, thanks to our dedicated board members and volunteers we are able to accomplish a great deal.  Just imagine what we could do with more.

Where does the money go you may ask?  Take a look at our graphic.




Clinical trials offer the opportunity for the patient experience to be counted. At any given time, there are trials about to recruit, or actively looking for participants. This U.S. government site allows you to search around the world. You can enter your condition and country for a list of what’s available.

Two of our sessions from last year’s conference are offered here to all thanks to Off Lease K9 Training (operating in several cities) and the Canadian Addison’s Society CAS. View our EMS/School Nurse training here.


Thank you for supporting our mission! Together we can change the world!


Backpack Health App for AI

An app to help improve daily self-management of your health information, while contributing to research, and improving access to AIU support. Join the AIU Backpack Health Group now at:


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