Support for Those Living with Adrenal Insufficiency

Awakening From Our Bad Dream, Safely

Have you ever had a dream where a bad entity or something was chasing you?

Written by: Me and Mine

Clearly you were in eminent danger. But try as you might, you cannot run. You cannot move or maybe your movement is so delayed that it’s just the same as not moving at all. All the while you can hear the “scary things” footsteps getting closer, you can feel your heart pounding, pounding so loud that surely the “thing” will hear it and find you. Still, struggle against struggle, you can’t move to save yourself. Suddenly you can feel it’s breath on your neck … It’s to close, you can’t get away. It might win this time…

Luckily you awaken, just in time…

I have a daughter with a severe form of adrenal insufficiency. She was misdiagnosed for years. Most doctors would agree that she should not be here…she should have died many times over. But she didn’t, and the world is better for it. She is my “extra”. Extra everything…She is extra brilliant, endearing, pretty oh so funny! She is extra medically frightening, my heart skips a beat with each phone call from the school, she extra struggles, extra loves, she is… My daughter… And for her and others who suffer like she does I will spend the rest of my years on this earth creating change in the care and treatment of this condition. Because the bad guy in OUR nightmare is poor and/or insufficient medical care and treatment… And I plan to kick his ass.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Adrenal Insufficiency. Each person informed about this life threatening condition brings us closer to…

Awakening from our bad dream, SAFELY.

Me and Mine

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