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AIU and AIC Consolidation

AIC-web-no_boxAdrenal Insufficiency United is pleased to announce our consolidation with the Adrenal Insufficiency Coalition. Both organizations were started with the common vision of people working together to create change in an area that very much needs it. We believe that because of our common goals and different approaches a consolidation will create a balanced platform with far reaching effect.

Over the past few years Adrenal Insufficiency United’s mission has been to provide education and support to those with adrenal insufficiency, enact protocols to treat adrenal crisis, and increase awareness for more research. AIU has built a solid reputation in the AI community with a website which provides many resources to both patients and those affected by AI. AIU has also been successful in the legislative arena and continues to work towards more unified protocols nationwide.

The Adrenal Insufficiency Coalitions’s mission is to promote change by educating patients and medical providers. Part of AIC’s goal is to give patients a voice, both in the exam room and in the discussion taking place worldwide. By listening to patients in support groups, AIC is able to target specific issues within the AI community. Initiatives are then started to address the issue. AIC Initiatives take multiple approaches to problems and all of AIC’s programs are based on research and credible documentation.

Consolidation adds diversity to the Board of Directors and Leaders. AIU was started by parents and the majority of AIU board members have always been parents of children affected by adrenal insufficiency. The AIC was started and is run by adults affected by adrenal insufficiency. Our new combined board will have a balanced mix of both parents and affected adults. In addition, there will be representation of both primary and secondary adrenal insufficiency. Another exciting way that we will diversify is globally. The AIC has Canadian and Australian Leaders which will give AIU an opportunity to spread our information more easily outside the USA.

As a program of Adrenal Insufficiency United the Adrenal Insufficiency Coalition will operate within AIU’s by-laws and have representation on the board of directors. As part of the Consolidation process our new combined board will be revisiting our mission statement and by-laws. We’ll be setting goals for the future and working on improving our infrastructure so others who want to be a part of the work we’re doing can volunteer. Although there will be some extra work and changes we feel these changes will benefit the AI community.

What do you think is needed in the AI community? Are they areas where you feel we can improve? Please share your suggestions

One welcome change will be the ability to divide and conquer. Besides the FB groups that are run by AIU, the work we have been doing to enact protocols Nationwide takes a great deal of time and has made it difficult to pursue other needs in the community. We are thrilled to have AIC and their organized initiatives become a program of AIU.

The AIC has several exciting initiatives that in a very short time have already made a difference. They pay close attention to the needs of those in the various AI groups found on FB and create focused initiatives to address those needs.

We’ll be adding more to our website and keep the updates coming as we go through the Consolidation process.

Check out AIC’s main page on Facebook! As well as their page about Asthma and Adrenal Suppression.

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