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Hello everyone, this year AIU will be honoring some of our community members during the 2019 conference.

We need your help to decide who those people will be so please nominate your hero. Our Nomination Deadline is January 7, 2019.  Nominees are not required to attend the conference or be present to win.

Adult Categories
*Overcoming Obstacles
*Community Advocate
*Social Media Star
*Working for Change
*I couldn’t do it without you. (spouse, friend, dad, etc.)

Child/Teen Categories
*Overcoming Physical/Emotional Obstacles
*Overcoming Academic Obstacles
*Making contributions to Community/School
*Setting an example for others to follow
*Amazing Sibling(s)

Our form has space for one adult and one child/teen nominee. There is also a space for “other” if you have a nominee that doesn’t fit into one of our categories.

If you want to nominate more than one adult/child you’ll need to fill out another from.


We also need some volunteers to help evaluate our nominees. If you can commit to 10 hours between January 1 –  April 1 please consider helping us with our AI Heroes!

Volunteer to serve on one of our committees.

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