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250,000 Americans are diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency. 6,000,000 more are considered to be adrenal insufficient yet remain undiagnosed

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What is Adrenal Insufficiency? 

Adrenal insufficiency (AI) occurs when the body is unable to produce enough cortisol, a hormone which helps maintain essential functions such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart muscle tone. Just as a diabetic must take insulin, people with AI must take cortisol replacements to live. During times of stress our bodies need even more cortisol for these vital functions. Without enough cortisol, a life-threatening event called an adrenal crisis occurs. An adrenal crisis can quickly spiral into shock, heart failure, coma and death. In an adrenal crisis, until the cortisol levels are normalized with Solu-Cortef®, treatments for other issues won’t be effective.

How We Help

At AI United, we provide support and education for affected individuals and their families. We also work to ensure that emergency protocols are in place so that healthcare professionals can better recognize and respond to an adrenal crisis.
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Protect yourself or someone you love with AI in case of emergency.
Kits include: information cards, decals, stickers and more to be ready “just in case” to alert those needing to provide care for you.

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What is your state doing to support those with AI? Compare how your state is doing in relation to others across the country

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Ensure those with AI get the appropriate care and support they need.
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Raise your voice in honor of Rare Disease Day on February 28th

February 28th is Rare Disease Day. To help raise awareness, please share the hashtag #RDD2015.

I was thankful to have a name and a treatment for what has destroyed my heart, mind, body and soul. I had a chance to live again. At the time I didn't realize how difficult this journey would be. I’m still falling, but I keep getting up. A few days after treatment began I started feeling like my old self again. I traveled, climbed and adventured the rest of the summer. Yet, this will be where my story will continue. My adventures with Addison’s disease. . . . Life is beautiful and I will never forget that.

Eva Hernandez

My husband, daughter and I thank you everyday for what you have done for our daughter. Before Massachusetts required every EMS to be trained and carry this medication she could only be 10 minutes away from us. Now she lives a pretty normal life and we don't have the fear and anxiety we once had. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Anonymous Mother

“Better to be safe than sorry” was something my Mom used to tell me. Never knew how right she was until my 5 year old daughter got so excited at Disney World she had an adrenal crisis. I was so beside myself with worry, not sure I could have given clear information to the paramedic. Luckily, in preparation for the trip I had bought an emergency kit. The laminated card of information in my wallet gave the emergency team everything they needed to know how to help her. Thank you!

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Toll-free: 1-855-AIUnite (248-6483) | Health Care Professionals only: docs4aiu@gmail.com